The Villa

Completed 2016


Lake Charles, LA
Empire of the Seed, LLC

Villa Restaurant is on the first floor and mezzanine of the historically rehabilitated Craftsman era Noble Building on Pujo Street. Many of the building’s original elements, such as wood floors, tin ceilings, stairs, dark trim, doors, windows, and glass were incorporated into the design, while we strategically converted existing small bank vaults to wait stations and office doors, still inscribed with the original user’s name, are now entrances to a private dining room and restroom. The new craftsman-inspired back bar, along with other historic elements, created the ideal backdrop for layering contemporary finishes and design elements like unique lighting fixtures and a high contrast stone tile design. Our commitment to a collaborative client experience ensured the building owner’s love and respect for the history of the building, which we shared, was a driving force in the favorable outcome of this project. For further information on this project please email