Architecture is an experience and at Williams Architects we like to make a statement and create Spaces for Moments.

Led by senior professionals with 35 years of expertise in preservation, renovation, new construction and planning, our team of thought-leaders has the creativity and dedication to guide any project to optimal fruition. From start to finish we collaborate strategically with each client, commit to their vision, and take great pride in completing projects on time and within budget. We put our projects into a larger context by taking the architectural character of a neighborhood into consideration, and enhancing what already exists. Our understanding of the impact of each project is underscored by our historical belief in the importance of commitment to community and this is further demonstrated by our engagement with nonprofit organizations throughout our region.

As part of our active engagement with both community and clients, Williams Architects has spent decades cultivating relationships with local, state and federal agencies from departments within New Orleans City Hall to the State Fire Marshal, to the National Park Service and more. These entities trust Williams Architects will work in the best interest of the community, and no firm is better positioned to work effectively with regulators to ensure the most favorable outcome. We possess a profound understanding of the physical, political, and cultural characteristics that affect our clients in their communities and strive to problem-solve with cost-effective, environmentally-conscious solutions.

Further, client collaboration is a top priority at Williams Architects, and we are unparalleled in our dedication and ability to meet a client’s program, budget, and schedule. We engage with the client at all levels, from initial concept and design to construction, our approach is always about listening to the client’s needs and visualizing our design process around them, making the client a true partner in the process.

Architecture is engaging and at Williams Architects we aim to create an experience that frames what’s important, where the end user can feel the spirit of a space. We see buildings as more than just projects; they are Spaces for Moments and the structures that develop and hold communities together.