Salon 633

Completed 2018


New Orleans, LA
Neill Corporation

Our dynamic renovation of this historic masonry structure in the Warehouse District provided a unique set of challenges and, ultimately, the kinds of rewarding solutions that we love to conceive and execute. This project thrives on intuitive innovation and utilitarian use of design elements we created, with every light, shelf, counter, and salon station designed to be integral, and to elevate client and employee experiences. Our design approach to the salon stations was aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with lighting, drawers, shelving, power, USB ports and purse hooks such that they would not be marred by a need for cords or other elements that would distract from the deliberate design. Collaborative communication with our client heightened the process and achieved myriad goals. The space above the salon speaks to the client’s desire for a contemporary setting, replete with distinctive touches, that emphasizes a sense of place within a historic building. An exposed roof structure and clean use of simple materials lets this space speak for itself and for its owners, while allowing them to use it in a variety of ways.  This project earned an Award of Merit from both AIA Louisiana and AIA New Orleans in 2021. For further information on this project please email

Photo Credit: Neil Alexander & Michael Palumbo