One11 Hotel

Completed 2020


New Orleans, LA
111 Iberville LLC

This former 19th century sugar warehouse, which was once the heart of New Orleans’ Sugar District, is a great example of Williams Architects’ historic/adaptive reuse capabilities. The ONE11 Hotel thoughtfully portrays a balance between the timeless sophistication of so many New Orleans buildings and the industrial history of the building, the French Quarter, and of Southeast Louisiana. The seven-story white brick building built in 1884 by American Sugar Refining Company, now home to the hotel, is one of few restored remnants of the New Orleans Sugar District. Through extensive review and collaboration with the City of New Orleans Vieux Carré Commission, The State Historic Preservation Office, and the National Park Service, this building has not only returned to commerce but has returned to its city as an iconic piece of history. For further information on this project please email

Photo Credit: Neil Alexander