Noble Building Residences

Completed 2017


Lake Charles, LA
Empire of the Seed, LLC

With dedicated creativity, the second floor of the historically rehabilitated Craftsman era Noble Building on Pujo Street was converted by Williams Architects into three one-bedroom apartments, designed to fit primarily within the existing architecture of the original interior walls. Aligning our visualization with the driving force behind the project, the building owner’s love and respect for the history of the building, the majority of the original walls, doors, interior and exterior windows, wood and tile floors all remain. They were appropriately cleaned, repaired, refinished, or painted. Perfection was not the goal; instead, remaining imperfections stay true to the client’s vision, revealing history and creating patina in the spaces. To meet current code separation requirements between the restored marble entry stair and the apartment corridor entry, frameless glass was installed to “disappear” into the historic fabric of the space. For further information on this project please email